Porsche, the name that is legend in racing and performance vehicles has been questioned about recent decisions.  Enthusiasts feel that the company should not have considered an SUV or a 4 door vehicle as they simply do not symbolize the brand.  Porsche responded by stating the economics and profits of such vehicles allow the company to produce exclusive, rare products such at the GT3.  Without mass production products, many of the marques most exclusive offerings would never enter production.  Enthusiasts responded by supporting the decision and forgive the company for its digression outside of the super car market.

Then came the announcement that the brand would offer hybrid products.  Again brand loyalists showed their displeasure, but Porsche marched on and plans to offer a hybrid version of both the Cayenne SUV expected this spring and a hybrid Panamera sedan soon after.

Porsche enthusiasts can now relax.  The company promises that, despite speculation suggesting a hybrid 911 or Boxster or Cayman, there is simply no merit to the rumors.  CEO Michael Macht told AutoCar that the company has no plans to offer hybrid versions of any of the models listed above.  Macht said that the added weight of a hybrid setup would not be suitable for its sports car offerings and the typical usage of such cars would not benefit from the added efficiency of a hybrid setup.

However, work on an electric 911 continues on.  The company will only produce the vehicle if it can offer identical performance and range to its gasoline powered offering.  911 performance is on par with the best vehicle's in the world so it certainly will not be an easy feat.

Source:  AutoCar.co.uk