The Mercedes SLS AMG is a supercar capable of delivering an exciting driving experience, breathtaking top speeds, and track worthy handling.  In gasoline engine trim, the car is one of a handful of vehicles to offer performance on par with true race cars.  However, this vehicle will soon be available in EV form and enthusiasts have wondered if the electric vehicle will deliver the same driving experience.

According to AMG head Volker Mornhinweg, the EV version will meet all of the performance objectives of the original car.  The EV version of the SLS AMG has 4 electric motor cranking out 525 hp and 649 lb-ft of torque.  Each motor powers an individual wheel making the awd EV version capable of reaching 60 mph in 4 seconds flat.  The vehicles sports 3 separate li-ion battery packs delivering a 110 mile range.

Weighing in at 500 pounds more than the gasoline version, the EV SLS AMG has its work cut out.  The additional weight is overcome by the traction ability afforded by awd and an advanced torque vectoring system developed by Mercedes.

As Mornhinweg said, "Effectively being four-wheel-drive does alter its character, but our torque vectoring systems give us opportunities to make it as good.  It's important to get the emotional level of an EV right and we have some solutions."

The electric SLS AMG should reach the market by 2013.  Price has not been disclosed and the vehicle may be offered on a lease only basis.  The SLS AMG EV could be Mercedes answer to the Audi e-tron.  Who could have thought that supercar and EV would exist in the same sentence?

Source:  AutoBlogGreen