Continuing our series on 2010 Toyota Prius reviews from around the web, this week we turn to Jason Mick of TechDaily. He spent an entire week with a 2010 Prius V, the most upmarket trim level, and loved it.

Mick isn't entirely new to In late August, we reported on his investigation into Prius price-gouging. And he's reviewed a number of hybrid vehicles for TechDaily. But we do wonder if he has a soft spot for the Prius.

He liked the performance, calling the car "much more energetic" than previous models, saying it "handled great" on highways and coped well with turns on city streets. The 2010 Prius was quiet, he said, and absorbed potholes in Detroit's rutted streets well.

And he called the interior "well-appointed," though given the fancy trim level, perhaps that's not altogether surprising.

Mick criticized two points on the new Prius: first, the navigation screen wasn't backlit, making it hard to read in certain conditions (we agree), and the brakes were "jarring" when used in highway stop-and-go. This last one puzzled us, as we haven't notice anything amiss in the brakes of several 2010 Prius models we've driven.

The all-important gas mileage came in at right around 50 miles per gallon, exactly what the EPA rating predicted for the 2010 Toyota Prius.

His conclusion? "We liked the 2010 Toyota Prius--a lot, in fact."

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