2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

If there was ever any doubt that Ford wants to be known for hybrids and electric vehicles, that was put to rest today, after the Dearborn, Michigan, based automaker named a "Director of Electrification." The newly created position will be filled by Nancy Gioia, who has served almost four years as the leader of Ford's hybrid and sustainable mobility programs. She is now charged with managing the planning and production of Ford's EVs worldwide.

Ford's Fusion and Escape hybrids have generally been well received and the company is expected to produce an electric Focus (as seen on the Jay Leno Show) and Transit Connect van within the next couple years. Beyond that, plug-in hybrid versions of the Escape, the Fusion and their Mercury stablemates are said to be in the works for 2012.

Gioia received her new title just in time for the forum she'll be leading on Wednesday in Boston, regarding vehicle electrification and the infrastructure required to support it.

Today's news was part of a mixed bag for Ford. On one hand, Experian Automotive announced that six of the top ten vehicles in customer brand loyalty were Ford products in the second quarter of 2009. The bad news for the day? Ford recalled 4.5 million vehicles because of faulty cruise control switches which could start fires.

Source: Inside Line