Yesterday, we reported that Panasonic had developed a new, cheaper method to use laptop batteries strung together in electric automobiles.  Read more about it here.

Now news is trickling in that the battery pack that will power the Tesla Model S will be supplied by Panasonic.  According to a report from GreenTech, "sources close to the Japanese electronics maker" confirmed Panasonic's intent.  Tesla has not commented on the matter.

By stringing together thousands of laptop batteries, Panasonic believes to be able to produce a cheaper, more effective EV battery pack.  The Tesla Roadster uses 6,831 small laptop cells.  The upcoming Model S will have three different size battery pack options.  Dependent upon which battery pack is selected, cells are expected to range from 5,500 to 8,000 cells strung together.

The Model S should enter production near the end of 2011, while Panasonic hopes to have their cheaper battery packs in production by 2013.

We will provide additional information as news about the Panasonic / Tesla connection becomes available.

Source:  GreenTech Media