Since Nissan unveiled the Leaf EV back in August, response has been extremely positive.  22,000 people have contacted the company in regards to the vehicle.  Nissan is responding by officially taking reservations for the car next spring, prior to its launch next fall.

Here's the official announcement.  "The groundswell of interest, especially from people in our initial launch markets, demonstrates to us the importance of a reservation system," said Carlos Tavares, head of Nissan's operations in North, Central and South America. "Our goal is to confirm at least 20,000 reservations for Nissan LEAF by the time we deliver the world's first mass-market zero-emission car in late 2010."

Nissan will open their web site to allow user to "opt in" to receive information about the Leaf.  Users will receive information and updates about the vehicle including information on availability in a specific area of the country.   Nissan will also advise users on how to become "plug-in" ready before taking delivery of their new Leaf.

The Leaf will come to various markets across the U.S. with different release dates.  Many major city markets will receive the Leaf prior to outlying areas. 

 Starting this November, the Leaf will go on tour throughout many of the major launch markets in the U.S.  The tour will kick off in Los Angeles.  This tour is aimed at providing potential buyers with a sneak peek of the vehicle before the reservation period opens.

Those interested in "opting-in" for the Leaf can visit Nissan's site at the link below.  Simply click on the sign up symbol, complete the registration, and you will be just a few steps aways from owning the first mass produced EV in the U.S.

Nissan Leaf Reservations

Source:  Nissan Press Release