Global Green Cars, a partially owned subsidiary of Utah based Green Star Products, recently announced plans to move its operations to Williamsburg Kentucky from the current location in Idaho.    The company reportedly plans on completing the transition of its personnel and operations by October 2009.

GGC  says that it intends to produce its initial vehicle model in 2010, the G-3 Electric pickup, using a 48,000-square-foot temporary facility in Kentucky, and will scale up to mass production in 2011 in a new 160,000-square-foot facility as demand increases. Company President Brooks Agnew has said that Global Green Cars received a $15.5 million financial incentive package from Kentucky’s Economic Development Finance Authority.  He also predicts that  the new facility in Williamsburg will be capable of producing up to 30,000 electric cars and trucks per year.

During the years 1992 through 1998,   Battery Automated Technology (BAT) International, Inc., (now Greenstar Products) was engaged in production of electric vehicle conversions of Geo Metros and Ford trucks.  After leaving the EV business in 1998 to pursue ventures in biofuel technology and lubrication-oil additives,  the company is now attempting to revive it's former venture as Global Green Cars.  The first model to be produced will be constructed around an existing Chinese truck body, with several battery options available.

Global Green Cars President Brooks Agnew is a somewhat controversial figure due to his leadership of what is purported to be an expedition to the North Pole for the purposes of proving that the Earth is actually hollow, and contains unknown forms of life.

[SOURCE: The Auto Channel, WYMTnews,]