The Nissan LEAF is the Japanese automaker's mass market global electric car that will go on sale in selected markets in US, Japan, and Europe in 2010. Nissan plans for the car to be affordable and designed it to showcase the fact that it runs on electricity.

What's true for the car's exterior in true for the interior as well.

The interior offers a clean, fresh, technical appearance.

It appears roomy, spacious and has a bright white look.  There is adequate seating for 5 and will come in both right and left hand drive versions.

Behind the steering wheel, instead of a typical analog instrument cluster, is a glossy black LCD bi-level display with bright blue and white text and graphics.  The smaller upper panel includes velocity and temperature, as well as a green leaf eco-driving indicator.  Most of the information is on the larger lower panel and includes current power consumption as well as battery stage of charge and remaining driving range.

The center stack is also a glossy black with blue lighted flush mounted buttons.  In the top are ventilation louvers.  There is a 7 inch LCD screen capable of displaying GPS and other information and houses the radio and climate controls.  The car's constant connection to a central command station is shown on this display as well, and serves to provide drivers with peace of mind.

Instead of a typical gear shifter, mounted in the center console is a unique joystick/mouse ball apparatus that the driver uses to put the car into drive, neutral , and reverse.

The hatchback design also offers ample cargo space behind the rear seats.

The interior is overall infused with what Nissan calls its "blue earth" color that is both pleasing and stylish.

Nissan LEAF Interior

Nissan LEAF Interior