Exclusive Zeus Honda Insight

Exclusive Zeus Honda Insight

The Japanese tuners at "Exclusive Zeus" may have unlocked some hidden potential in the Honda Insight. Just when you thought the new Toyota Prius had delivered the knockout blow to Honda's poorly selling hybrid, someone got the wild idea to turn the Insight into the world's first hybrid low-rider. We couldn't make this up if we tried.

The modified Insight features a lowered suspension, some new West Coast Chopperish alloy wheels squeezed into low profile tires, side skirts, a front under-spoiler, a blacked out grill and a rear apron and diffuser. All of that adds up to the most fuel efficient, fast looking, slow car this website has ever covered.

Unfortunately, a speed bump avoidance system is not included, so those ground effects will be at the mercy of the driver.

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Source: CarScoop