With the release of the new Toyota Prius in Japan, Toyota regains the top spot as the best selling vehicle in the month of May.

Honda had previously held top honors for April with the introduction of the new Honda Insight, but their supremacy only lasted a month as Toyota knocked them back down the charts.

Instead of falling to second, the Insight fell to third in sales in May as the Honda Fit took over the second spot.  The Fit lead the charts for several months before the introduction of the two new hybrids.

Toyota recorded 10,915 sales of the Prius in its first month since its introduction.  Honda sold a comparative 10,481 Insights in its first month.

The Prius has regained its edge and looks to hold onto the title of the best selling hybrid worldwide, but Honda will forever retain the title of first hybrid ever to top the sales chart in a single month in Japan.

Sales of hybrids in Japan are strong due in part to the generous incentives that consumers receive for purchasing a hybrid or electric car.  It will be interesting to see if Toyota can hold the top spot for more than a month, or if the hot selling Honda Fit will surpass it by the end of June.

Source:  Reuters.com