The Toyota Prius is the best selling hybrid vehicle of all time.  The next generation 2010 Prius is scheduled for release in May.  But for those that can't wait until then to get an inside look at the Prius, Toyota has made videos available for viewing.

Maybe you missed the Prius at the auto show and have not had a good look at it yet.  We'll Toyota has answered by providing video footage on one of their websites designed to showcase their cars from a driver's perspective.  The website, Behind the Wheel News, presents first hand impressions from owners or expected2 owners of new Toyota products.

 The videos focus on many of the main features of the car and are presented in a manner that shows what onlookers think about the various aspects of the new Prius.  The videos range from thoughts about gas mileage, to the solar roof panel on the new Prius, to what has driven the design of the new Prius.

If you would like to see video footage of the upcoming Prius head over to the website at

Source:  Behind the Wheel News / Toyota