Hyundai announced that it will premier its plug-in concept the BLUE-WILL at the upcoming Seoul Auto Show.

The premier of the BLUE-WILL at the Seoul Auto Show is no surprise as that has been reported here before, but what is surprising is the announcement that the vehicle will be a plug-in electric vehicle. 

 Previously, no information had been released implying the vehicle would be a plug-in.  Hyundai did not mention the plug-in aspect of this vehicle in any previous press releases.

According to Edmunds, they spoke with Hyundai U.S. Headquarters spokesman Chris Hosford and he confirmed from a caption below a picture of the BLUE-WILL that it is indeed a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

The BLUE-WILL is powered by a 1.6 liter gasoline engine mated to a continuously variable transmission and paired with a 100kW electric motor fed by a lithium polymer battery system.  The lithium polymer technoloy is supplied by LG Chem and will make its debut in the upcoming Hyundai Elantra LPI and Kia Forte LPI both of which will go on sale in Korea this summer.

Source:  Edmunds Green Car Advisor