Ford EV

Ford EV

We at believe electric cars are extremely important and represent a massive transformation of the automotive industry, and although you cant find too many on the road today, there is little doubt that won't be true for long.

Apparently Ford's CEO Alan Mullaly agrees.

He told reporters at an economic conference in California, "In 10 years, 12 years, you are going to see a major portion of our portfolio move to electric vehicles."

Right now Ford has laid out plans for an electric commercial van in 2010,  an electric C-class sedan in 2011, and a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUV in 2012.  But apparently Ford doesn't plan to stop there.  Mullaly notes "Ten years is going to come very quickly and I think we'll have a significant improvement in the fuel efficiency in the internal combustion engine."

Mullaly also predicts that pure electric cars will become more important than hybrids.  He said "You'll see more hybrids, but you will really see a lot more electric vehicles."  Mullaly also agres that low oil prices are nothing more than a blip in a relentlessly upward price trend, noting "Over time, we are going to see ever-increasing prices for energy."

Source (Reuters)