Sometimes speaking the same language isn't a prerequisite to understanding. Take this Swedish commercial. What appears to be an advertisement for the Finnish energy company, Fortum, carries a strong message.

Transportation as we know it is portrayed by barren landscapes dotted with exploding oil derricks and filthy, overwhelmed workers. Henry Ford's portrait is slimed with the black goo as Model Ts roll through dark, monotonous assembly lines. A man in a top hat tries to cross the street as a horse-and-buggy pass. The man's first step is square into a pile of horse dung.

One misaligned projector frame changes the setting from the early 1920s to the modern day. A smog veiled city harbors freeways jammed with cars going nowhere fast.

Then a radiant red Tesla Roadster cruises into the picture amid forest lined roads and sunlight beams down. Is this the path to a brighter future? Fortum may think so.

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Source: Inside Line, Fortum