• SEAT IBE Concept from the 2010 Paris Motor Show

    Ever seen a SEAT? Of course we aren’t talking about the kind you sit on, despite our attempt at humor in the title. No, we are talking about the SEAT car company, a brand that is apart of the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG). SEAT, a Spanish company, handles the niche youth-oriented sports market for VAG and allows the group to have greater reach (but you won’t see them in the States). Just for fun, Skoda is another brand that is Czech in origin and handles the budget market. All that aside, with the opening of the 2010 Paris Motor Show, SEAT has an interesting concept that would look...

  • SEAT IBE Concept from the 2010 Paris Motor Show
    2010 Paris Motor Show: Skoda, SEAT Reveal New EVs

    As you might have already gathered, the Volkswagen empire is rather big. Owning Volkswagen (obviously) and Audi and having a large stake in Porsche, they're one of the biggest and most profitable car companies on the planet. Two marques you don't see Stateside though that also play a big part in...

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