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  • 1985 VW CityStromer

    When I met last month with Volkswagen to ride inside a prototype 2012 Golf Blue e-motion, I was eager to experience this all-electric version of its popular 2011 Golf hatchback. It will go into production as a 2013 model. But I also knew something the VW public relations corps didn't: the location of an electric car that VW had built some 25 years earlier--which they assumed had been lost forever. A Relic From the Past In fact, Volkswagen has experimented with electric cars since the 1970s, when the Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit) platform was first produced. Starting with the Mark I Golf, VW...

  • 2009 Volkswagen CitiGolf at Umthamvuna Nature Preserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    2009 Volkswagen CitiGolf: Driving a Brand-New Retro Rabbit

    Most car sites run test drives of new cars. That is, cars that you can actually buy. And now for something completely different: A test drive of an almost-brand-new, 35-year-old, 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit. It's not called that; it's called the 2009 Volkswagen CitiGolf. Same car, though--just check the...

  • 2010 Volkswagen Golf
    The New 2010 Rabbit TDI Diesel...Or, Is It a Golf Again?

    Volkswagen sneaks its next-generation diesel hatchback into the Toronto Auto Show

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