MINI Clubvan

  • 2013 MINI Clubvan

    We've always liked small vans, especially those derived from wagons--as rare as wagons are these days. But it turns out that the latest small van--the 2013 MINI Clubvan--both arrived in the U.S. and departed again, pretty much before anyone noticed. We had dropped a line asking about the little commercial van, and how it was doing, to Nathalie Bauters, who's the MINI Communications Manager at MINI USA.. The Clubvan is essentially a MINI Cooper Clubman small wagon, with the rear side windows blanked out and the rear seat removed. It retains that car's third side door, as well as the vertically...

  • 2013 MINI Clubvan
    2013 MINI Clubvan, Its First Truck, To Arrive This Fall

    Anyone who's traveled overseas has seen the small car-based commercial vehicles common in the crowded cities of Europe and Asia. While U.S. workmen may use full-size Ford or Chevy vans, their European counterparts use smaller vans (and pickups too) based on compact or even subcompact models. But...

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