Hybrid Kinetic

  • Pininfarina H600 concept, 2017 Geneva auto show

    Several Chinese or Chinese-backed automotive startups are currently trying to replicate the success of Tesla by designing and selling their own luxury electric cars. But Hybrid Kinetic likely predates most of them. Started by the founder of Chinese automaker Brilliance, the company made headlines in 2010, when it announced plans to build hybrid cars in Montgomery, Alabama. DON'T MISS: Pininfarina teams up with Hybrid Kinetic to debut H600 extended-range electric sedan It slipped off the radar after that, but reemerged at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month with a range-extended...

  • Jaguar FHSPV at CENEX
    Jaguar Tests Flywheel Hybrid System Just Like Racing Porsche

    Since Ford sold Jaguar Land Rover to Indian carmaker Tata in TK, the luxury maker has stepped out a bit. Their green efforts have taken down several interesting technology paths that seem unlikely had they stayed underneath the Blue Oval of Dearborn. The latest to surface is a demonstration vehicle...

  • Mercedes M-Class factory
    Another Day, Another Ambitious Hybrid/EV Start-Up Shows Up

    It seems like almost every month or so a new start-up, often with roots tied up with a huge manufacturing conglomerate based in China, announces ambitious plans to launch a new generation of advanced hybrid or electric vehicles. Some of them become somewhat successful, like Coda, while others...

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