• Rich Rebuilds flooded Tesla Model S, via YouTube

    With all the floods from Hurricane Florence, what happens to electric cars? That's the question many electric car owners may be asking after the 100-year hurricane dropped more than two feet of rain in North Carolina, where a burgeoning electric car movement was springing up. The answer is: It depends. READ MORE: Tesla expands Supercharging access and range for those fleeing Hurricane Florence We spoke with several experts on electric cars and got a variety of answers. One YouTube user, Rich Rebuilds, has become famous for rebuilding a Tesla Model S he bought for $14,000 that had been flooded...

  • 2012 Fisker Karma in Costco parking lot, Santa Monica, California [photo: Chris Williams]
    Fisker Drops Lawsuit Against Insurer Over 300 Flooded Karmas

    Remember those 338 Fisker Karma electric cars wrecked by Hurricane Sandy while they were sitting on a Port Newark dock? Remember the December lawsuit Fisker filed against its insurance company after its $33 million claim was denied? Never mind. Yesterday, according to Bloomberg, Fisker Automotive...

  • Gas pump
    NYC Rations Fuel, Jersey Makes 'Dyed Diesel' Legal In Sandy Aftermath

    New York City and Long Island today instituted temporary fuel rationing, with drivers only allowed to buy gasoline on alternate days. Starting at 6 am tomorrow, vehicles with odd numbers on their license plates can buy fuel on odd-numbered days; even numbers can buy on even-numbered days. The two...

  • gas pump
    EPA Lifts Gasoline Restrictions In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

    In 1990, the Clean Air Act amendments set out special rules regarding the manufacture and sale of gasoline in the U.S. This week, some of those rules have been suspended in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The amendments require that reformulated gasoline, or RFG, be used in cities with high levels of...

  • Hurricane Irene
    Reporter Borrows 2011 Chevy Volt During Hurricane Irene, Both Survive

    Imagine, plug-in electric cars can survive hurricanes just like they survive snow, sleet, rain, and car washes!

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