High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane

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    State and local agencies are strapped for cash, and one source of income may be the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on congested freeways. In Southern California, local officials plan to convert "carpool lanes" to toll lanes with variable pricing, allowing drivers to pay up to $10 for the privilege of zipping along a less-congested left lane while nonpaying drivers sit stuck in traffic just a few feet away. But the plans have riled electric-car drivers, who presently can travel in the HOV lanes with just a single occupant as part of a longstanding California program to cut air pollution by...

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    Would You Pay $10 A Day To Cut Your Commute By 35 Minutes?

    How much is your time worth? If you live in southern California and drive to work, the answer for some of you seems to be more than $17 an hour. That conclusion is drawn from data contained in an Infrastrurist interview with Jack Finn, the head of toll services for HTNB, an infrastructure firm that...

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