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Ford Kuga

  • 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept

    Ford was clearly one of the stars of last week's Detroit Auto Show, launching green vehicles and concepts across a wide range of fuel-saving technologies. The company unveiled just a single concept, the Vertrek crossover, but it's an important one. The production version of the Vertrek will be the replacement for both the Escape crossover in the U.S. and the similarly-sized Kuga crossover in Europe. We don't yet know if it'll keep the Escape name for the U.S., shift to a new name--Vertrek, perhaps?--or even convert over to the European Kuga label. Regardless, this is the hybrid crossover that...

  • 2011 Mazda2 exterior and detail
    Most Popular Posts of 2010: Mazda2, Prius Crashes, Leaf, Volt, and Other EVs

    We love looking back to see what's been popular over the course of a full year. And 2010 was definitely chock-full of green car news. Our 10 most popular posts this year are a little less random than last year's most popular, which featured Muslims and ethanol, urine, hybrid Ferraris, and our...

  • ford kuga individual 002
    2012 Ford Kuga Hybrid, or Will It Be 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid?

    The 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid will likely be the last year for Ford's original hybrid vehicle, launched way back in October 2004. At the end of July, Ford had sold 98,500 Escape Hybrids, more than half its total sales of 139,700 hybrids of all types. But all good things must come to an end. For 2012...

    Car Batteries, Diesel Golfs, Prius Crashes: What's the Link?

    Like many site editors, we read our traffic stats religiously. Perhaps unlike other site editors, ours frequently make us laugh. We try to provide practical information on navigating your way through the confusing claims made about 'green' cars, whether they're hybrids, clean diesels, or just very...

  • 2012 Ford Focus station wagon, launched at 2010 Geneva Motor Show
    Geneva Motor Show Preview: 2012 Ford Focus Station Wagon

    The 2012 Ford Focus four-door sedan and five-door hatchback were probably the most important cars unveiled at January's Detroit Auto Show. And Ford has many more compact vehicles to come, one of which is this striking Ford Focus station wagon, which will be shown at this week's Geneva Motor Show...

  • ford kuga individual 001
    Here It Is: New 2012 Ford Escape, But Will There Be a Hybrid?

    The Ford Escape compact sport utility, including its hybrid model, is now long in the tooth or beyond. It was first introduced as a 2001  model, and has been restyled twice. It still sells well, though, and Ford continues to update the hybrid model. Nonetheless, it's overdue for replacement. Now...

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