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  • 2016 Tesla Model X on the street in Vancouver, BC, Canada  [photo: Matthew Klippenstein]

    Of all the Canadian electric-car news that rounds out 2017, the Vancouver suburb of Richmond’s new requirement that 100 percent of apartments and condominiums be ready for plug-in vehicles may be the most significant. Access to charging in multi-unit residential buildings, or MURBs, has long been acknowledged to be a weak link in the transition to electric transportation. It’s much less likely drivers will adopt plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicles if they can’t charge at home. Forward-thinking municipal bodies have sought to address this issue by requiring new...

  • Havelaar Bison electric pickup truck
    Why Havelaar founder wanted an electric pickup truck: Japan's disaster

    A Canadian company by the name of Havelaar has tossed its hat into the electric pickup-truck ring with the reveal of its purpose-built Bison pickup. The launch underscores the potential many companies are trying to tap as the market for electric vehicles of various types continues to grow, slowly...

  • Smith Electric Vehicles Newton
    Electric-Truck Maker Smith Gets $42 Million In New Investment

    Smith Electric Vehicles plans to restart production, and will partner with a Hong Kong-based maker of lithium-ion batteries.

  • Nissan NV200 Electric Test Vehicle
    Nissan To Show Electric Van Concept At Detroit Auto Show

    As we count down the days to the Detroit Auto Show media preview (24 days from today), the announcements of new cars and concepts are now coming in regularly. Or should we say announcements of announcements? Evoking Honda's logo release yesterday, Nissan says it will show off an "innovative...

  • Bob Lutz and the Chevrolet Volt
    Why Would Bob Lutz Join An Electric Car Conversion Company?

    Bob Lutz may have taken a part-time advisory post with GM 16 months after officially retiring from his post there, but now he has a second job too. The former Vice Chairman of General Motors--and the man credited as the driving force behind the Chevrolet Volt--now seems to be working at electric...

  • Navistar eStar electric delivery truck in Washington, D.C.
    Will Trucks And Buses Beat Cars In The Electric Race?

    Right now, six companies are vying to win a contract that would provide 100 electric vehicles to the government’s General Administration services 214,000-strong fleet. One of them is Ford; the other, a relative newcomer called Smith Electric. But the government isn’t looking for...

  • All-electric FedEx parcel delivery truck, Modec design built by Navistar

    In some ways, urban parcel delivery is the ideal duty cycle for electric trucks. Daily routes are usually under 100 miles, and all trucks return to a central location at night--ideal for recharging. Federal Express, which has a large fleet of green and alternative vehicles, is now putting its first all-electric trucks into service. Four electric delivery trucks, specially built just for FedEx, will go into service in June in and around the Los Angeles area. Two of the trucks, from Navistar, are based on designs from UK firm Modec, a startup that has already supplied 10 trucks to FedEx for...

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