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  • 2013 Jaguar XK 2-door Convertible XKR Air Vents

    As corporate average fuel economy requirements that started in 2012 continue to tighten, automakers have turned to an entire arsenal of tactics to reduce the fuel their vehicles burn. Downsized and turbocharged engines, transmissions with many more gears, lighter-weight structures, better aerodynamics and more all add incrementally to efficiency. One of the less-discussed methods is the "Eco" button offered in increasing numbers of new cars, which reduces the car's available power and minimizes accessory use. DON'T MISS: How to drive Ford C-Max Hybrid for best gas mileage? Owner video...

  • 2011 GMC Canyon 2WD Reg Cab 111.2" SLE1 Air Vents
    'Super Greenhouse Gas' Emissions From Air Conditioning A Climate Concern

    Leaking air-conditioner refrigerant may be increasingly contributing to global warming.

  • Opel Ampera dashboard
    The Gas-Mileage Parasite You Can't Live Without? Air Conditioning

    Name one car convenience feature you absolutely couldn't live without, and it'd probably be air conditioning. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate its cooling and demisting benefits can't be understated--it has safety benefits as much as comfort and convenience ones. It also has an effect on...

  • 2013 Cadillac XTS
    2013 Cadillac XTS First To Use Greener R-1234yf Refrigerant

    In addition to tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gases, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also regulates other materials in cars that may emit substances harmful to humans. And so it is that the 2013 Cadillac XTS large luxury sedan will become the first U.S. vehicle to use a new refrigerant...

  • 2010 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2WD Ext Cab 143.5" SLE Air Vents
    GM Greens Its Auto ACs With Greenhouse-Gas-Friendly Coolant

    Among the many substances emitted by autos back in the "good old days" were the refrigerant gases that would leak from older auto air conditioners. Freon, also known as R-12, was replaced starting in the early 1990s with R-134a, which did less damage to the ozone layer. Now concern has expanded to...

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