2012 Ford Focus

  • Brighton Earthship Solar Panels by Flickr user Dominic's Pics

    Many houses, stores, and factories across the U.S. now have arrays of photovoltaic solar cells mounted on their roofs. These days, that's hardly news. But Ford's announcement that it will install half a megawatt of power-generating solar panels at its Wayne, Michigan, assembly plant has a new angle: The plant will also store some of that solar energy in lithium-ion batteries, letting Ford draw on it even after dark. Pairing lithium-ion storage batteries--which use large arrays of the same lithium-ion cells that power future plug-in hybrid and electric cars--is seen by utilities as a way to...

  • 2011 Coda Sedan prototype - charging socket
    Electric Car Buying Guide

    We've been watching it roll closer for years, and now it's all but here: A new era of electric cars. Just three or four months from now, the first highway-capable electric vehicles sold in volume by global automakers will appear in showrooms in California and other regions. By the end of 2011...

  • 2010 Mercury Milan 4-door Sedan Premier FWD Grille
    Dead Before Arrival: Mercury Killed, Compact Tracer Vanishes

    To the long list of dead U.S. car brands, you can now add one more: Mercury. The Ford Motor Company announced today that Mercury production would cease by the end of this year. That means that the widely anticipated compact Mercury version of the 2012 Ford Focus--named "Tracer" after the...

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