• Dave Cloud's Dolphin electric car

    The practice of home-building electric vehicles is not uncommon amongst hardcore EV enthusiasts. Our own Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield has converted her own EVs before, and several members on the website Ecomodder have done the same, often using the economy driver's favourite, the Geo Metro, as a starting point. Dave Cloud has done much the same, only he clearly wasn't that happy with his 1997 Metro's aerodynamics. To this end, Dave has created the Dolphin, and like its namesake the Dolphin's body is incredibly streamlined. There's certainly very little on the exterior giving clues to its humble...

  • BMW prototype based on Vision EfficientDynamics concept
    BMW's Plug-In Hybrid Supercar May Be Named i8, Cost $200,000

    BMW is pressing forward with its plans to build a production version of the striking plug-in hybrid concept car it called Vision Efficient Dynamics, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009. According to reports filtering out of Germany, the model that goes on sale in October 2013 may...

  • 1997 Geo Metro
    Why Are Few Of Today's Cars Among The Most Fuel-Efficient Ever?

    Every now and then, readers write to grumble about new cars and their gas mileage. The gist is usually something like this: You wrote that the new 2011 [Make & Model] gets 40 mpg highway? Well, big whoop-de-doo. I always got at least 45 mpg in my 1992 Geo Metro, and it was a whole lot cheaper...

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