Most Americans still don’t see an EV as their next vehicle. The upcoming Polestar 4 comes from South Korea as a trade workaround. Canoo remixes its electric pickup with some military punch. And what did Tesla confuse in some of its EVs with the steering yoke? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

According to a recent poll from Ipsos, claiming to draw from a “nationally representative probability sample,” most Americans remain unlikely to buy an EV as their next vehicle. But it also found that a slim majority of Americans support government incentives for those who do want to go electric. 

In a strange twist of globalism, likely amplified by Biden EV policy, the U.S.-bound Polestar 4 will be built in South Korea, at a Renault plant, under a contract manufacturing arrangement. The move, of a Swedish-headquartered brand controlled by a Chinese conglomerate, serves as a workaround to bypass an import tariff applied to vehicles made in China. 

Canoo last week spun its Light Tactical Vehicle submitted to the U.S. Army into a civilian-oriented American Bulldog electric pickup. While offering many of the same features as the proposed military version—minus the Kevlar shielding, perhaps—the special build of this electric truck could stoke interest as Canoo still works toward solvency and production. 

And Tesla might have installed the wrong airbag when Model S or Model X owners switched from yoke to steering wheel, or vice versa. The steering yoke, which was at one point the default when these models got a refresh, has shifted to become a $1,000 option.


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