EV adoption in the U.S. heartland lags, but it may soon change. GM and Volvo see EV vs. ICE price parity by 2025. And Porsche reveals some lessons it’s learned from its Taycan electric car. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Porsche made the right choice in building its Taycan around an 800-volt battery pack, but it underestimated the battery cells themselves. These are among what Porsche executives recently pointed to as lessons learned from Taycan—as the brand leans ahead to its PPE platform good for future Porsche, Audi, and Bentley EVs. 

Volvo and General Motors are among the legacy automakers seeing that EVs won’t cost more than gasoline vehicles by 2025. Price parity for EV vs. ICE technology will be assisted by technology improvements as well as the Inflation Recovery Act (IRA), which both companies point to as making a stronger business case for EVs. 

And EV adoption lags in the U.S. heartland, according to a recent study, but it points out that due to a number of factors such as product availability, a rapidly forming charging infrastructure, and consumer awareness, that may soon change. 


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