The GMC Hummer EV isn’t a truck for EV fans, but it’s even better than we expected off-road. Poorly timed traffic lights are adding to emissions. And Porsche invests more in synthetic fuels. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

We drove the 2022 GMC Hummer EV last week in Arizona. It drives a size smaller—provided you’re off-road. And efficiency aside, it shapes right up to be something very different than the Rivian R1T. Put simply, the Hummer EV is the electric truck for truck fans, not the truck for EV fans. 

Porsche is continuing to invest in synthetic fuels for internal-combustion vehicles even as it prepares to broaden its lineup of electric vehicles. As it suggested with a Wednesday announcement, it sees synthetic fuels made with renewable energy as a business opportunity—perhaps even beyond racing and vintage cars to the aviation sector. 

And poorly timed traffic lights are adding to greenhouse-gas emissions, according to Inrix, which sells traffic data controls and analytics tools. According to the firm, well-timed signals can have a significant emissions impact—for instance, preventing the equivalent CO2 to what a forest 3.3 times the size of Atlanta would absorb, simply by getting everything in sync. 


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