Looking at end use, hydrogen from coal is dirtier than coal combustion. The Senate votes to reel in an EV tax credit expansion, although it might not mean much yet. And Mini shows how stripped-down it can get with an EV. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

“Blue” hydrogen production facilities using coal or fossil fuels, such as those proposed in the bipartisan infrastructure bill, could potentially produce higher emissions than if the fuels were used for combustion. Is this another piece of political “pork,” or does it help lay the foundation for “green” hydrogen from renewables?

Earlier this week, the Senate voted to place price and household-income caps on the federal EV tax credit. Although the measure is non-binding, it could have an influence on the expanded EV tax credit that’s working its way through Capitol Hill. 

And Mini has introduced what sounds like the antithesis to a futuristic concept car: the Strip, a one-off concept that shows how small electric urban cars could be a lot simpler.  


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