Free road-trip fast charging is a perk you’ll only find with a few new electric cars. Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries start June 10. Hyundai outlines some of the specs for its fuel-cell commercial truck, and they echo what it’s suggested for pickups and SUVs. The Honda Insight is more expensive for 2022. And many still don’t understand some of the EV charging basics. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

A study from J.D. Power suggests that mass-market consumers are uneducated about home charging for EVs—and it’s holding back EV adoption. Many are simply unaware of some of the fundamental differences, or that incentives exist for some hardware. 

We looked at which electric vehicles include free road-trip fast-charging when bought new. The list is surprisingly short for a perk that we believe would help soothe some of the range and charging concerns for newbies. 

And at the start of the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries are due June 10—although the arrival date for the aircraft-style steering yoke remains up in the air. 

Sometimes it’s most interesting to pause for a moment over the numbers. Hyundai’s huge heavy-duty fuel-cell commercial truck has about as much battery capacity as the GMC Hummer EV, in its longest-range form. That drew us back to a hint that Hyundai made about how the tech might be smarter than just big batteries for Hyundai pickups and SUVs. 

And Honda re-upped its Insight hybrid sedan for 2022. Although it boasts no significant changes for the new model year, the 2022 Honda Insight starts $2,000 higher as Honda dropped the base LX model—again leading us to wonder if the automaker has a Civic Hybrid hatchback in mind.


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