A boost in driving after the pandemic could be cause for concern for CO2. Porsche is showing an electric van concept it made two years ago. And the 2021 Toyota Mirai will bring a boost to the hydrogen infrastructure. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Toyota has committed to help build another 7 hydrogen stations for Southern California—potentially enough to support thousands more vehicles and the pending arrival of the racier-looking 2021 Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car. 

Porsche made what looks like its own electric van concept—back in 2018, and it’s just being shown now. Landing as somewhat of a counterpoint to the well-received Volkswagen ID Buzz concept, with a more streamlined, modern-looking shape, would it fit in alongside the electric Taycan and Porsche’s SUVs and sports cars?

When the pandemic is over, do you plan to take more road trips or commute more in your own car instead of using mass transit? If so, you’re not alone; a new global survey for the Guardian suggests that in the U.S. 40% plan to drive more post-pandemic, while only 10% plan to drive less. For greenhouse-gas concerns, that’s a problem, and it makes the shift to EVs even more important. 

And over at Motor Authority: For years, Nissan has said that its E-Power series-hybrid system is on its way to production models in the U.S. and Europe. It appears that the first in line for this tech in Europe will be the Qashqai—which the U.S. knows as the Rogue Sport.


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