The long-anticipated Nissan electric crossover nears its debut. Jaguar Land Rover is working on a fuel-cell SUV. And would you send $5,000 to a company that hasn’t yet delivered a product? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Nikola Motor Company is taking $5,000 pre-orders for the Badger, its electric truck powered partly by hydrogen fuel cells, partly by batteries. Although its CEO claims the money is refundable until the truck is built, the company hasn’t delivered any vehicles yet. 

Jaguar Land Rover is working on a hydrogen fuel-cell SUV, as part of a UK-funded green-tech stimulus program for the auto industry. Could the project lead to a hydrogen-powered Range Rover?

The production version of the Nissan Ariya electric crossover is officially due to take a bow on July 15. And although U.S. launch timing hasn’t been announced for the long-awaited Leaf stablemate, previous reports suggest it will arrive in the second half of 2021 as a 2022 model. 

Over at Motor Authority: Mercedes-Benz is ending its Collection car subscription program in the U.S. Just a few years ago such plans were supposedly the next big thing—especially to interest more people in EVs (although there were no plug-ins offered as part of the program)—but with the collapse of everything from Car2Go to this high-end service, it’s likely the idea will come back in another form. 


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