California’s energy policy agency thinks hydrogen has a future and will reach price parity soon with gasoline. Lordstown Motors is rolling out the production-bound version of its electric truck this week. And the million-mile battery is up for grabs for more than just Tesla. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Lordstown Motors has firmed up plans to introduce its Endurance electric pickup this month; the company’s CEO also detailed how the company has been making progress in setting up its former GM plant for production starting late this year. 

A report from the California Energy Commission lays out a plan for the development of renewable hydrogen production in the state, and projects that on an efficiency basis hydrogen is likely to reach price parity with gasoline by 2025

The million-mile battery is by no means the exclusive domain of Tesla, or GM. The battery giant CATL, which was conceived just nine years ago, says that it has created a battery that will last 1.24 million miles or 16 years. 

And over at our partner site The Car Connection: The IIHS last week published a study suggesting that self-driving cars should not be designed to process information like humans.


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