McLaren is optimistic about internal combustion—perhaps without the fossil-fuels part of the equation. The biggest ships—including, perhaps, cruise ships, eventually—could go fuel-cell with a new partnership. Karma shows a new van concept. And Bentley isn’t making a convincing argument for plug-in hybrids. Or is it? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.  

Big, ocean-going ships could be the next thing to go emissions-free, powered by fuel cells using renewably produced hydrogen, starting later this decade. A partnership just formed to develop the fuel-cell power source for such applications, at “megawatt-scale.”

Although most see battery-electric vehicles as the best solution for the future, looking ahead to later this decade and beyond—and some automakers have even set an expiration date for internal-combustion engine technology—McLaren isn’t writing off engines burning synthetic fuels as an alternative. 

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid—a plug-in hybrid—has been rated for EPA range and gas mileage. But the green gloss could fade early on this one when U.S. shoppers see that the Hybrid carries a lower highway mpg number than the more powerful Bentayga V8. 

And over at our partner site Motor Authority: After Teasing its modular E-Flex platform for electric vehicles with range-extenders, Karma has at last shown a new vehicle developed with that platform—a self-driving electric van called the E-Flex Van concept. 


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