Some members of Congress are helping keep EV tax credit reform on the table. NHTSA has a long list of questions for Tesla. PSA and FCA could merge into a greener, more electrified company. And Infiniti reveals more about its plan for the future. This and more here at Green Car Reports. 

Just before the 30th anniversary of its original launch in the U.S., Nissan’s Infiniti brand wants to talk about the future—well, a little bit about the future. Last week in a presentation to the press, the brand sketched out five new models in the next three years, a future that revolves around a new series-hybrid system that hasn’t yet been named, and a new platform that will coincide with a fresh “powerful serenity” design theme, as teased by its electrified set of Inspiration concepts

A coalition in Washington, D.C., sent a letter to U.S. House leadership last week, aiming to keep reform of the federal EV tax credit moving along. The bill has a lot of bipartisan support, but with the Trump administration seeking to get rid of the credit entirely it might not get past a party-over-constituents Senate. 

The merger between Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles isn’t quite yet a done deal, but that hasn’t stopped PSA from speaking out about sustainability goals for the combined company. For two automakers that have struggled to keep up with global electrification needs, the merged company may be better positioned for going electric.

Last week, the federal government had a long, long list of questions for Tesla. In a formal letter to the automaker, NHTSA asked it for information about its battery management, software updates, and battery-cell shorting—all to decide whether or not to initiate a Defect Investigation regarding a series of reported fires. 

And if you want a quick reality check on how quickly the auto market is changing, look no further than this list of all the U.S. vehicle models discontinued for 2020.


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