New safety scores are in for the Tesla Model 3—from Europe. Volkswagen shows how it could help make EVs lighter. More states sign on to oppose the EPA's planned fuel-economy freeze. And readers weigh in on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger can sell more electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The European New Car Assessment Program released its findings on the Tesla Model 3 after a series of crash tests. It earned the highest score of any car in the agency's 2019 ratings.

States beyond California and the Northeast signed on in opposition to the EPA's plan to freeze fuel economy and emissions standards. New states joining the movement include several swing states key to President Trump's reelection bid.

Long-range lithium-ion batteries make electric cars heavier than conventional cars, so engineers are looking for new ways to reduce weight. Volkswagen's recent Type 20 Concept—an electric conversion of an old Microbus—shows an innovative strategy for doing that.

Finally, in last week's Twitter poll, our readers were optimistic that funny ads by known celebrities might break through somber electric-car soundbites. 


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