Depreciation remains dire for most electric vehicles. A roaming agreement between two of the big charging networks will ease the way. And is the electric-vehicle market due for a "reckoning" in the U.S.? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

ChargePoint and Electrify America have simplified access to charging locations, thanks to a new roaming agreement announced earlier this week. If you have an account with one, you can use the other with no additional fee.

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields has spoken out about expectations for the growth of electric vehicles, especially in the U.S. He anticipates “a reckoning” in the EV market over the next few years.

Severe depreciation continues to plague the field of electric cars—all except for Tesla, that is.

Although the fuel you put into a vehicle has the greatest carbon impact over a vehicle’s life, the lifetime of the vehicle has some impact; and a study has shown that some of the largest, thirstiest gasoline SUVs are lasting the longest.

And finally, a company is offering a pickup-truck conversion of the Volkswagen New Beetle. No, this isn’t all-electric, but it gets us thinking of all the possibilities using VW’s future MEB-platform vehicles as a jumping point.


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