President Trump announced a deal—or at least a dealmaking effort—to build Workhorse electric trucks at GM's Lordstown, Ohio, factory. Volkswagen is preparing to smash a new electric car track record with its ID R race car. A report notes that the company may also be planning to sell some of its performance and luxury niche brands in an effort to go all-electric. And GM is finally offering a big discount on the discontinued Chevrolet Volt. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

In a move seemingly designed to win political points with Republican voters in Ohio, President Trump announced a deal for startup electric truckmaker Workhorse to buy GM's idled Lordstown factory. Both companies responded by saying discussions are still under way.

Volkswagen is preparing for an attempt to set another electric car record with its ID R race car, this time at the Nürburgring, in Germany. The company will try to beat the Chinese electric Nio EP 9's time around the famous track.

An Automobile magazine report extensively citing insiders indicates that Volkswagen may pare down its portfolio of performance and luxury niche brands as it focuses on electric cars. The report says VW is also narrowing the number of new EV platforms it will develop.

After opening orders for the VW ID 3 in Europe on Wednesday, the company revealed it plans to develop smaller, more affordable electric hatchbacks, which could appear at the Frankfurt auto show later this year. They could be called the ID 1 and ID 2.

After it discontinued the Chevy Volt, GM has finally added the car to the list of those eligible for its big 18-percent discount to clear out remaining inventory.

Finally, Google introduced a new version of its Google assistant that turns an owner's phone into an in-car infotainment system.


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