Public chargers for electric cars are expanding beyond Tesla's Supercharger network.

Electrify America is rolling out a network of fast chargers to compete with Superchargers that will be available to all other brands of electric cars. States are directing public charging infrastructure and draw it out beyond California. And long-planned investments are starting to come to fruition.

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So we thought we'd ask our Twitter followers what types of public charging infrastructure they use most often.

The choices are Tesla Superchargers, CHAdeMO chargers, CCS Combo chargers, or a simple Level 2 charger.

We recognize that the first three choices depend largely on what type of electric car respondents drive.

Our poll is meant to provide a foundation from which we can build other poll questions about our followers' experience with each of the different types. It will be helpful to gauge how many of our followers use Level 2 public chargers regularly even with more Level 3 chargers rolling out every month, for example. 

Tesla drivers today can also use public Level 2 and CHAdeMO chargers if they're closer than Superchargers, or if a Level 2 charger is enough to meet their needs.

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We'd also like a foundation to gauge how often people find that the types of chargers they need are available.

So click over and take our poll and let us know what type of charging network you need.

As always, remember that our Twitter polls are unscientific, because of low sample size and because those who respond are self-selected.