Today, we've got electric-car news from VW Group, war brewing between the EPA and California, the reason Germany electric-car sales are rising rapidly, and some thoughts on why Ford might bring back the Escape Hybrid in future. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Volkswagen said yesterday it has secured contracts for electric-car batteries totaling more than $25 billion, a sign of its intentions to sell up to 3 million electric cars a year by 2025.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt said he expects to challenge California's legal right to set its own emission standards, something it's been doing for half a century now.

Germany is finally starting to buy electric cars in significant numbers, with an unlikely make—Tesla—as a large part of the growth. Why? There's one significant factor.

Will Ford announce a future Escape Hybrid at its press event tomorrow? We lay out the reasons we think it might well do just that.

Do you know what the Buick logo looks like? You'll soon need to do that to identify its vehicles; it's dropping the brand name from future models. (We're still waiting for a battery-powered Buick Electra ....)

Finally, if you want to take a ride in Waymo's self-driving car, we've got the video for you.