Today, we've got a Chevy Bolt EV without a steering wheel, an update on available 2018 diesel vehicles, an analysis of the per-mile costs of electricity versus gasoline, and predictions by auto-industry execs. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The next wave of long-distance electric luxury cars will arrive from European luxury makers, with the Audi e-tron electric SUV due this fall in at least some countries' driveways.

Ever wondered what a Chevy Bolt EV would look like sans steering wheel? That is called the Chevrolet Cruise AV, which GM hopes to put into production ... next year.

A few more 2018 diesel vehicles have been certified for sale, though we still think that outside of trucks and maybe utility vehicles, they'll be a tough sell.

Members of the public can now pre-order a Workhorse plug-in hybrid pickup truck, for $1,000, with deliveries said to start sometime next year.

Automaker and supplier executives say electric cars will fall to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, eventually, even though they'll build lots of EVs in the years to come.

Want to know how cheap electric cars are to run per mile against gasoline cars? A new report has done the math for you.

For Fiat Chrysler, it's all about big trucks and SUVs: Production of the Ram pickup and two new, large Jeeps will land back in Michigan.

Finally, for all you British-car fans out there, a pre-production 1948 Land Rover will be restored by the Jaguar Land Rover Heritage Center.


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