Today, we've got some tantalizing performance specs on the future Porsche Mission E, electric-car lessons from California, our monthly green-car deals roundup, and a ringing decision in favor of renewable energy. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Mazda has essentially confirmed that it's providing rotary range extenders for Toyota electric cars, which launched the peculiar e-Palette electric shuttle at CES yesterday.

Just as the second generation of the pioneering electric car arrives at U.S. dealers, Nissan has delivered its 300,000th Leaf.

We asked our Twitter followers how optimistic on efforts to address climate change they were; results were mixed.

Not only does California lead the nation in electric cars, but it can teach other states a few lessons on how to do it—and perhaps even teach itself a few.

We've got our monthly roundup of best green-car deals on electrics, plug-in and regular hybrids, even diesels and high-fuel-efficiency conventional models.

Porsche has confirmed some new performance specs on its Mission E electric car, and they're not unimpressive.

The U.S. energy regulation commission has decisively rejected a bailout for coal and nuclear power generation—and projected renewable energy could double by 2020.

Toyota plans to integrate Amazon's Alexa voice interaction into certain 2019 models.

Finally, another show, another all-electric three-wheeler: the Vanderhall Edison2 proposes to beat British legend Morgan's three-wheeled EV3 to the punch.


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