If you're looking for an electric car that comes with free charging but a Tesla is either undesirable or financially out of reach, freshly launched upstart Uniti is offering five years of free go-go electrons with the purchase of its new, compact "smartphone car."

But there's just one catch.

You need to live in Sweden.

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In partnership with Swedish energy company E.ON, Uniti will provide owners of the Uniti One with a free home charger that sources energy from solar cells, reports Curbed.

There were no details regarding free charging when one is away from home nor what happens with the charger after the five-year period of free charging has elapsed.

Uniti One Launch Presentation

Uniti One Launch Presentation

The Uniti One electric car revealed last week uses a small 22 kilowatt-hour battery pack to deliver 186 miles of range.

With its small dimensions and two-seat tandem seating arrangement, starting prices are kept in check at €14,900 ($17,500 USD).

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Uniti cites a 124-mile charge in 30 minutes, and other models aside from the two-seat Uniti One are in the pipeline with quoted starting prices of up to €19,900 ($23,415 USD).

Uniti is reportedly sitting on almost 1,000 pre-orders for the One at a cost of $175 per reservation. Deliveries are expected sometime in 2019.

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