Today, another electric SUV concept, some bad news for the Tesla Model 3, collector cars catch a break, and a video shows how little average people know about electricity. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Companies that feel threatened sometimes attack, and VW Group executives have gone after Tesla of late.

Some more worrisome news on everyone's favorite Silicon Valley electric-car startup: parts orders for the Tesla Model 3 were slashed by 40 percent starting in December, according to a Taiwanese media report.

Those European bans on cars with tailpipes entering city centers should exempt collector cars, for a variety of reasons, according to a European Commission study.

The Tokyo Motor Show had more than one all-electric SUV concept: The Mitsubishi e-Evolution crossover utility is big, brash, and noticeable, to say the least.

Most people interviewed at random have almost no idea what electricity is or how it works—let alone what they pay for a kilowatt-hour, as we've learned.

Not only were there electric SUVs at the Tokyo Motor Show, there was also the E-Fuso Vision One all-electric semi truck concept.

Finally, New York City's famed fleet of yellow taxis has now been eclipsed by Uber, which reportedly dispatched more trips in July than the cabbies did.


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