Today, we've got important news from California, some reflections on owning a Tesla, and how diesel's decline is helping hybrids. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over seven years of modern electric cars, it's widely accepted that they lose money for their makers if all costs are fully accounted for. But Indian maker Mahindra says they're about to get profitable.

The slowly ebbing fortunes of diesel engines in Europe are bringing 48-volt mild-hybrid systems closer to ubiquity as a swift way to cut fuel use and stay within emission limits.

We asked our Twitter followers which electric car would sell best, globally, next year. They told us what they thought, and the answer was pretty resounding.

Could California lose the lead to China in cutting carbon emissions? Not if Governor Jerry Brown has anything to say: he wants to end sales of new cars with combustion engines, though it won't happen for a decade or more.

After a year, a Tesla Model S buyer describes what it's been like to own a long-range luxury electric car and reflects on how Tesla has changed ownership.

Saudi Arabia has become the last country in the world to allow women to drive cars, starting next June.

Finally, Ford has partnered with Lyft on self-driving cars—even though General Motors already owns a share of Lyft. Hmmmmmm ...


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