Today, we've updated our glossary of green-car terms, profiled the oldest Toyota Prius hybrid in the world, read through a 24-page report on VW's Electrify America plans for electric-car charging, and covered a future diesel Jeep. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over the weekend, we ran down our top green-car stories from last week.

We updated a previous story on where the future electric Mini Cooper is likely to be built.

The world of green cars gets steadily more confusing, with more to keep track of, so at the prompting of a reader, we also updated our glossary of green-car terms from four years ago.

We've found what's clearly the oldest Toyota Prius hybrid in the world: it's 71 years old, in fact. Confused? We explain.

Staff at the powerful California Air Resources Board recommend approval of VW's "Electrify America" plan for increasing zero-emission vehicle infrastructure in the state.

Prototypes of the future Jeep Wrangler Diesel are already being tested, despite Fiat Chrysler's so-far unresolved dispute with the EPA over emissions from its Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel models.

Volkswagen will launch at least five electric cars over the next five years: here's what we know about them, and where they're actually headed.

How do electric cars produce maximum torque at zero RPM? We've got the video.

Finally, virtual-reality showrooms may change how you shop for cars ... maybe.


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