Road trips have been a staple of automobile culture for decades, but with the rise of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure has thrown them a curve ball.

Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, which can refuel almost anywhere in a populated area, electric vehicles require a little more planning to ensure things go smoothly.

So, how easy is it? The Straight Pipes aimed to find out in a new video installment.

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The duo took a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric and an Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid to see how easy it is to take on a spur of the moment road trip with only some basic planning along the way.

The trip takes viewers from Toronto to Ottawa and back, a roughly 621-mile journey, in order to gauge the difficulty of road trips with Hyundai's latest plug-in and electric vehicle.

A quick look at both Ioniqs' range figures reveal a daunting task, especially for the Ioniq Electric with a range of 124 miles; the Ioniq Hybrid has a range of roughly the road trip's distance.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric - frame from video road test

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric - frame from video road test

Along the way, it's interesting to see how both vehicles behave in real-world conditions.

Both presenters come to the conclusion the Ioniq Electric is the better car of the two, though the lack of Level 3 charging stations along the way makes for quite a bit of downtime during a pitstop.

A Level 2 charger half way through the journey is the only way the Ioniq Electric receives a replenished charge at the cost of three hours charging time.

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Thankfully, it seems there are some pretty neat attractions along the way, but that depends on how much electric vehicle owners enjoy "The Big Apple"—that's not a reference to New York City, either.

During our first drives of each Hyundai Ioniq variant—Hybrid, Plug-In, and Electric—we found a lot to like while pouring over the entire package, much like our presenters here.

We even echoed praise surrounding the overall design, which does its best to make it less of a science experiment and more like a normal car.

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As for road trips in the Ioniq, they will likely require a little more planning than seen here, but it's doable nonetheless.