Today, some updates to add detail to popular articles, lower prices on some Toyota RAV4 crossovers, why diesel is far from dead, and an Oregon family whose only vehicles are a pair of Chevy Bolt EV electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Our longest article today was by an Oregon reader whose family owns two Chevrolet Bolt EV electric cars—and no other vehicles. He discussed their all-electric life.

Meanwhile, reports of the death of diesel have been greatly exaggerated. We explain why it's sticking around for not only pickup trucks, but crossover utility vehicles too.

We also updated a handful of our earlier articles today.

The first tweaked some of the finer points of a piece from last week pointing out that some carmakers already meet the 2025 California zero-emission vehicle sales targets today.

We added more specifics to yesterday's report on the members of the EPA Science Board who were axed by administrator Scott Pruitt, who intends to replace them with representatives of industries the EPA regulates.

That report from last month indicating that Daimler was walking away from hydrogen fuel-cell cars? Daimler denies that's what its CEO said, so we updated that one too.

The competition in small crossover utility vehicles gets hotter all the time, and in response, the price of some 2017 Toyota RAV4 models (not the hybrid, though) has been cut by more than $1,000.

Finally, Faraday Future issued a video that reminds us it's not dead.


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