Today, we have an update on our monthly electric-car sales report, then some perspective on those numbers, surprising news from Buick, and a shock for Tesla fans. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Electric cars get generous national and state incentives in many places, but perhaps electric bikes deserve them too.

While the Trump Administration plans to eradicate all climate-change initiatives enacted by President Obama, many corporations disagree with that plan—and they're sticking with their carbon-reduction pledges.

We updated our March plug-in electric-car sales report with some late delivery figures.

But we also tried to put those numbers in perspective: plug-in cars are still a tiny part of the overall new-vehicle market as utility vehicles surge and sedans slump.

Why don't all owners get their recalled cars fixed? We asked, we answered.

Another example of the decline of four-door sedans: the 2018 Buick Regal comes as a hatchback, and a wagon ... but no sedan.

Finally, who's leading in self-driving car technology? If you answered "Tesla," you might be wrong—according to one assessment, at least.


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