Today, Volkswagen reaches an agreement with regulators to address 3.0-liter diesel vehicles with illegal "defeat device software," Toyota elects to share its hybrid technology with other automakers, and the BlueLA electric-car sharing service is set to launch in Los Angeles next year. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

In response to a lawsuit from Tesla, Michigan claims its ban on direct car sales is not unconstitutional.

See why a group of experts believes renewable-energy progress may not slow much under the incoming Trump Administration.

The Bolloré Group will expand its electric-car sharing services to Los Angeles next year with BlueLA.

The Volkswagen Group has reached an agreement with regulators to resolve civil suits related to 3.0-liter diesel V-6 vehicles with "defeat device" software. The agreement must still be approved by a federal judge before it can be implemented.

In our latest poll, we asked our Twitter followers to weigh in on what effect the Trump presidency would have on electric cars.

In a change of course, Toyota says it will now share hybrid technology with its rivals.

Radio Flyer now offers a $500 toy Tesla Model S as a holiday gift for kids.

Here are 10 ways stricter gas-mileage standards will affect the design of upcoming cars and trucks.

Finally, the Electric GT Championship series hasn't held its first race, but it is already upgrading from Tesla Model S P85 to P100D race cars.


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